My ultimate goal for this newsletter/blog is vague and hard for me to articulate beyond “establish a creative rhythm and sort through ideas that have contributed to my personal growth.” Camus, though, was able to capture my intent clearly: “A writer has some hope… [h]e assumes that his works will bear witness to what he was.” That’s also what I’m hoping for the stories and essays I write when–– either by traveling, listening to music, speaking with friends, reading a book, or being emotionally confused–– a pervasive feeling or thought takes hold of me with a relentless full-body grip.

BTW, my name is Modesty. Right now I’m bouncing between Spain and California, but I could really never say where I’ll be in a year. Besides the obvious things, I love doing yoga, petting cats, eating dark chocolate, staring into space, watching reality TV, and listening to Father John Misty–– who I’ve seen live three times now, but who’s counting. In this moment my favorite piece on the blog is a story called We Dream of Love From a Young Age.

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yes, that's my real name. yes, i am just sooooo modest haha. no, i never get tired of that joke!! lol ! now read my blog ! (also if you're not going to subscribe don't follow me)